Wonderfully Tasty Salad Leaves by Lane Cottage Produce

100% good for you, grown naturally, nothing artificial

What makes Lane Cottage Leaves so special?

  • They are grown in soil using only natural fertilisers – seaweed, organic Chicken manure and Muck from local, grass-fed Cows.
  • They use no artificial pesticides and rely heavily on nematodes which are the creatures that eat the baddies that eat the salad.
  • The leaves are watered with their own mineral- rich water
  • Hand-picking the salad means that many more varieties can be grown as commercially-grown salad is mechanically harvested which so often damages the more tender leaves
  • The salad mix includes up to 20 different leaves and herbs and there is some variation throughout the Season as some leaves require warmer weather than others
  • The salad is delivered the day after it is picked so it’s always incredibly fresh

Unlike most packs of salad that once opened turn brown and have to be thrown away Lane Cottage Salad has a 10 day shelf-life and often lasts much longer than that making it very popular with shops and Chefs.

Most consumers are used to Supermarket salad mixes which tend to be chlorine- washed and gas-packed. At Lane Cottage the salad is neither washed nor packed with anything other than fresh air.

Salad Season generally runs from March to October but is always weather- reliant. The leaves will grow, albeit very slowly in the tunnels during the Winter. This small amount of salad will usually find its way into a few local shops and restaurants.

The salad leaves are supplied to shops in 100g bags and to restaurants in 250g bags. They are often chosen for Weddings, Festivals and other special events. They can be couriered anywhere in the UK so do get in touch.
At Lane Cottage they also grow Rainbow Chard and Four different varieties of Kale. These are extremely popular in shops and restaurants. Currently demand outstrips supply and more land from the Smallholding may need to be cultivated.

Customers constantly rave about how wonderful the salad is. It’s so completely different to anything they’ve ever tasted before. Below are some of the customer comments.

Chloe: “Their salad leaves were just mind blowing!”

Laura: “Yes we were at the awards ceremony and everyone was talking about how incredible their leaves were”

Chloe Scott-Moncrief and Laura Rowe

YBF Co-founder and Editor of Olive Magazine, In conversation after the 2017 YBF’s awards on Olive Magazine Podcast

With our grateful thanks for all the SUPERB broccolis, kales and salad leaves you have grown. They are as delicious as they are beautiful and have done so much to enhance our winter meals.

Mortimer Stores, Wigmore

Your Salad Leaves are far superior to anything we’ve ever used before
Rococo Catering

Amazing Leaves from Lane Cottage Produce made all the difference.
Colin Gray Events

Your Salad Leaves have amazing quality and flavour
Purnell's Bistro

Everyone’s talking about your salad, it’s the best!

Griffiths Garage, Leintwardine

I recently was on holiday in Shropshire and having cake at Trumpet Tea Room, where I saw your brochure and read it – sounded good, but they ARE just greens – how different could they be?

I thought that I would give them a try. Well, I did and off they went to my B&B to be part of my first meal of the trip. They had a fresh aroma…. I took out a fistful, put a bit of vinaigrette and tucked in. They DID have a most wonderful flavour! The next night, I left off any dressing and just chowed down! What a delicious product you have!

Jini Foster

Lane Cottage Salad Leaves are the best I have ever tasted

Anna Jones

Guardian columnist, chef and cookery writer

Best Salad Leaves ever, ever!

Rule Of Tum

What great salad you produce! At first I just thought I would try it because it’s grown locally, but now I buy it all the time because of the amazing flavour and the way it keeps fresh all week long.

Salty Dog, Presteigne

I just wanted to tell you that the salad we bought in Ludlow from you is the greatest salad we have ever eaten. We tried it about six months ago when we were in the area and remembered the shop…it didn’t disappoint second time round. It’s almost worth relocating for!

If you think it would be feasible to post it to me, I’d happily set up a direct debit twice a week forever more. Keep on doing what you are doing.

Anna Reed