Lane Cottage Salad

Lane Cottage Salad

Wonderfully tasty produce – 100% good for you, grown naturally, nothing artificial
Our number one product is our salad packs. We grow our salad leaves all year round in the polytunnels at Lane Cottage.  Generally we have about twenty different varieties in our salad packs and these vary according to the season.  We also like to try new leaves and herbs – some are really hard to grow, some difficult to harvest– so it is an ongoing but very rewarding process!
What makes Lane Cottage leaves special?
      • We grow in soil using only natural fertilisers – muck, seaweed, organic chicken manure
      • We use no artificial pesticides and rely heavily on nematodes which are the creatures that eat the baddies which eat our salad
      • The leaves are watered with our own mineral-rich spring water
      • Our salad is painstakingly hand-picked to ensure that only the best leaves make it to your plate
Our customers constantly rave about how wonderful our salad is.  It’s so completely different to anything they have ever tasted before.
The salad packs last very well.  Most consumers are used to the packs of mixed leaves bought in supermarkets which turn brown on the day they’re opened and have to be thrown away the next day.  We put a 10 day shelf life on our salad packs.

We supply to shops in 100g bags and to restaurants in 250g bags.We can courier our salad leaves anywhere in the UK.We often cater for Weddings and special events.Please get in touch to find out more

Chloe: “Their salad leaves were just mind blowing!”

Laura: “Yes we were at the awards ceremony and everyone was talking about how incredible their leaves were”

Lane Cottage Salad Leaves are the best I have ever tasted

 Best Salad Leaves ever,ever!

Your Salad Leaves have amazing quality and flavour

Everyone’s talking about your salad, it’s the best!

Your Salad Leaves are far superior to anything we’ve ever used before

With our grateful thanks for all the SUPERB broccolis, kales and salad leaves you have grown.They are as delicious as they are beautiful and have done so much to enhance our winter meals.

What great salad you produce! At first I just thought I would try it because it’s grown locally,  but now I buy it all the time because of the amazing flavour and the way it keeps fresh all week long.

 Amazing Leaves from Lane Cottage Produce made all the difference

I recently was on holiday in Shropshire and having cake at Trumpet Tea Room, where I saw your brochure and read it – sounded good, but they ARE just greens – how different could they be?
I thought that I would give them a try. Well, I did and off they went to my B&B to be part of my first meal of the trip. They had a fresh aroma…. I took out a fistful, put a bit of vinaigrette and tucked in. They DID have a most wonderful flavor! The next night, I left off any dressing and just chowed down! What a delicious product you have!

I just wanted to tell you that the salad we bought in Ludlow from you is the greatest salad we have ever eaten. We tried it about six months ago when we were in the area and remembered the shop…it didn’t disappoint second time round. It’s almost worth relocating for!
If you think it would be feasible to post it to me, I’d happily set up a direct debit twice a week forever more. Keep on doing what you are doing.