Preparing for the new season

All is very wet and muddy and not much is happening in the polytunnels but this is a good time to prepare for the spring. We are increasing our tunnels from 4 to 10 this year,six are up and the race is on to get the others up in time. We are also building a barn which will house our new coldroom – much bigger than the one at the bottom of our garden – and a packing shed.This will make everything so much more efficient. Previously we had to carry all the salad down the hill to the house to chill it and then use our Dining room as the packing shed – not ideal! With the increased volume of salad leaves there is no way we could continue like this.

Four of the tunnels will go in the next field as we’re running out of space in the existing one,all the remaining space will be planted with kales,broccolis and potatoes.Once again we have struggled to keep up with demand and need to plant so much more this year.As this field is home to our Hebridean sheep Rich is busily preparing the Orchard i.e. putting hefty tree guards around all the newly planted fruit trees -which will become their new home.

We will also need many more hands to pick all this salad.Hoping to employ local people we have placed adverts in 4 local shops and have been really pleased with the response – some people have been way over-qualified but love what we are doing and want to be a part of it,others have been students and Mum’s who can fit in a day’s work between dropping off and collecting the kids.

This year our focus will be much more on the salad leaves,rather than other crops and my job,very shortly,will be to go out and sell it.We’re thinking of branching out into Hereford,so if you’re interested,give us a call.