July 2014

This fantastic weather has helped us no end and at last we can say we have an abundance of salad – first time ever! Of course this has been helped by the fact that we have so many more polytunnels to grow in – six in all.We have four other tunnels in the next field waiting to be skinned and sown.

All our Kales and Broccolis are now finally planted out in the first field and we’re preparing the next field for planting.But the big news for us this year is our brand new barn,packing shed and cold store on site.Previously I had to carry kilos of salad down to our house,through the woodland path,battling the brambles and nettles,down to our Dining table to pack it and across the garden to our small cold store,through countless narrow doorways! Now we are so much more efficient.

We also have a great team of local women to help us pick,plant,weed and deliver.There is still always way too much to do but better that than not enough.

We continue to get lovely comments about our salad leaves all the time.It takes a while for some people to get their heads around the fact that salad is not just a bit of tasteless green stuff on the side of the plate.We eat it ourselves all the time so we’re constantly monitoring the taste and quality.

With the addition of an extra four tunnels we are hoping to have a much larger quantity of salad to take us through the colder months but let’s not think about that yet.Here comes Summer……