Salads are slowing down now that we’re into wintry/autumnal weather. Every now and then we need to clear a complete polytunnel,rotavate and re-sow; there is never a good time to do this but we try not to do it midsummer when demand is at its peak. Which means that we have now taken two polytunnels out of production – they will be lovely when they’re all up and running but, of course, germination and growth is so very slow right now.

But on a more positive note other crops are coming into their own. We are now picking large amounts of delicious and highly nutritious Kale – green curly, red curly, red russian and cavolo nero. Broccoli and especially our tender stem broccoli is proving very popular – Tesco are charging over £10 a kilo for it, ours is just £5. Chard is still plentiful; winter squashes, pumpkins and cabbages are all taking shape. Not long until the Jerusalem Artichokes are ready either. Finally,we may get some Spinach.